DC Rogue Trader

December 20th Session

The Adventure Begins

Pardon the terrible notes; just wanted to get this all in one location.


Torxus: auditor liaison. New scholar progenium. He is the the person under Callia who is the master auditor. 70 year veteran of our house. She is our chief financier.

Zacharius Quartus: New to us mid-40s, veteran of space warden master.

Lortian Kull—Munition stores/guns

Enginseer Prime Zara—member of the Mechanicus staff

Navigators: two of them. They’re jerks. They want to find their lost kin from the lost Diomedes fleet. They are members of House Benetek

Astropath Secundus: Jekka

Torian Vendigrath—commodore who drummed Lucius out of the navy.

Diclesius Krin—buying debt.

Rath Umblodt: Semi Retired Rogue Trader

Apollo Tiberius: head of house Tiberius

Sebastian Mourn Dynasty: first of his line. Basically Spcae Marcone.

Estaban Holdt: Swaggering, flashy.

Theseus Tiberius. Owes house Krynn money. Lies about it.

The eagle is a psyber-eagle.

Lucius Emile Regis DeTancerville


Arrived at port wander

Greeted at the dock by a breathless messenger, couldn’t read the tablet.

Carried on a palanquin.

Apollo Tiberius: head of the Tiberius dynasty, invited us to dinner.

Met with Callia, our finances are fucked. House Krin has been buying our debts.

Recovery of the lost fleet is unlikely and we don’t even know where it is.

House Benetek may have copies of our lost navigation charts, but not for free.

Rath Umboldt—Rogue Trader who is mostly stationary, has docked in Port Wander for years.

Looking for jobs. There are cardinals of the Ecclesiarchy who was looking to retrace the path of Saint Drusus.

The Krin Dynasty was at the Dynasty. Sebastian Mourn was there (new dynasty) Esteban Holt was also there. Nero Judo-ed a snub.

Taldrus (Mike’s cousin) De Talderville gave us his frequency at the station (he is a relay officer). Also gave us some information about how Torian Vendergroff is trying to spread rumors about how Mike got kicked out.

Younger member of the Apollo Dynasty was lying about his ability to pay back his debts to House Krin; we knew this thanks to the surreptitious actions of our psyker

After the dinner, the next day we had our debacle at the chapel wherein Nero forgot to ask for payment. We received a highly-metaphoricla book that outlined the path of St. Drusus.

  • Oblique references to the actual planets he visited, with some useful information

    • There was a system with a bright star that was mentioned in a book, but he didn’t set foot on any worlds in that system, but hey, we found it.
    • After that, we entered the Maw.

      • There was a warp storm, we dropped out of the maelstrom into a solar storm that we lost a few folks during.
      • Then we went to Port Footfall, then realized we didn’t have enough money to do anything. Then we set out to find all four Drusian worlds.
  • Trying to convince the crew that Nero has had a religious awakening.
  • The first system we find had four moons around a gas giant. We picked up on some ancient stellar trails, which led us to some derelict transports, millennia old. These were from St. Drusus’ fleet.
  • We think we’re on the right course. We got enough from context to determine that these were ships from the Drusian crusade, but were able to get little else..
  • Lucius developed a search pattern that helped us to find the worlds we needed.


Lauerc Lauerc

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