DC Rogue Trader

January 6th session

  • We ran into a reality storm, lost  a few more people.
  • Found the “faint star” gas dwarf in the system from which dust clouds and small asteroid fields appear to emanate (gravity, being what it is, means it goes in the other direction).
  • There’s a gas giant with five moons on the outer part of the system. There is no active vox traffic or otherwise notable activity.

    • The moons are small but have metals and some radioactive minerals that may be useful to the Mechanicus. Might be useful to mine in the future. Mistress Callia may want to make note of it.
  • Found a system in one of the Drusian worlds—lots of passages could have referred to this planet. The planet appears to have caves or tunnels, but it’s not tectonically appropriate for it to be the case naturally. Also many signs point to it being a mineral-rich planet.

    • Lucius was very impressed by the presence of crystals, having never before seen a rock.
    • Ran into a rock worm.
    • This planet would be super valuable if fully strip-mined, but it is a pilgrimage planet, so maybe not. But man, it has various precious metals, including adamantium (only trace amounts of adamantium, but it's still there).
    • Plotted a course for the edge of the dust cloud. We go to bed, and will awaken at the edge of the dust cloud…maybe.
    • But a messenger arrives out of breath and tells us that we are being hailed in an area that previously had no vox traffic.
    • The ship that hailed us was on standard frequencies, but not standard patterns…suspect it is not an Imperial ship. The crew girded themselves for battle.
    • Had a brief exchange with an Eldar ship, telling us "these stars are not for you" and "you will know we speak the truth when you talk to the one who seeks to claim your work as his own." Also: "The Calixis Sector will Burn."


Lauerc Lauerc

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